I created West Life Realty based on the success I’ve experienced by investing in Real Estate throughout Southern California. I saw similar opportunities that I can share, and have passed my knowledge and experiences directly towards my clients. West Life Realty is comprised of Business Professionals who have combined proficiency in Finance and Real Estate into a recipe for success for our clientele. As each transaction is different, our expertise and vision separates our company from other Realtors. By failing to inform clients of legal, tax and future implications; Brokers often neglect their clients. A deal may look beneficial on the surface, but when all potential avenues are not explored; the Homeowner is left vulnerable. The most recent Market plunge was unfortunate, but also unnecessary. While the banks received the blame, the efforts of Real Estate Professionals could have protected Homeowners and their investments.
Fortunately the Pedigree of our Realtors at West Life, has built a network of buyers and sellers based exclusively on profitability and stability. Our team is unparalleled and expanding every day. We look forward to helping you with all of your Real Estate needs.

West Life Realty Broker/Owner



West Life Development is an entity focused on acquiring and developing real estate that will endure any market. Each acquisition will be made on a long term premise that will ensure a short term gain if a successful opportunity arises.


West Life Management oversees all property management of West Life properties as well as various other properties around Southern California. We will provide full property management service that include all accounting, administrative and maintenance functions of the properties.


West Life Consulting offers a variety of consulting services to its clients. From Real Estate consultation to Business start up consultation, all clients will be presented with premium services that will aid them in all of their business endeavors.


Billy(William) helped us find our dream starter home when we didn't think it was possible.
I used William and staff to sell my Investment property and exchange into a Townhome in Costa Mesa. The West Life team provided a smooth and professional service!
I will be looking to list an Investment property I purchased in 2015 through Mr. Bingley and West Life Realty. After just one year I will be looking to gain 30+% Return on Investment. Mr. Bingleys knowledge and vision helped me make a Solid Real Estate Investment.


West Life Realty Group is a Network of Investors which was formed in 2009. The Group consists of members who share the common goal to acquire profitable Real Estate that will endure all market conditions. The deals vary, but are all offered within the group according to each individual’s pre-requisites.

All Group members involved are pre approved Investors, interested in either short or long term deals; that provide tax relief. The strategies involved have been used to acquire and sell over 20 properties with an average Return on Investment of 22%.

This is a special Group always looking to expand on its successful ventures.


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